Small Groups

There are seven Small Groups meeting fortnightly in people's homes around the village. While most group members attend St Peter's, the groups aim to serve the whole of Wellesbourne and welcome members from several other Christian denominations. Groups meet at different times including Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and most evenings.


We meet together to...

  • ‘chew the cud’ of the Christian journey

  • share and learn from different perspectives

  • make new friendships

  • learn more about Jesus

  • apply what we learn to our lives (be better ‘disciples’)

  • grow in love of God

  • share God’s love with others

  • pray together, do stuff together

  • support and encourage each other


We hold these things as important.

  • Jesus and the Bible reveal God to us

  • non-judgemental – we listen to and respect everyone’s opinion

  • what's shared is confidential

  • everyone is given a chance & encouraged to contribute

  • no one is forced to contribute

  • we are sensitive to each other

  • interdependence is good

  • new members are always welcome


We shape our Small Groups around '5W's

  • Welcome - ensuring we acknowledge each other and the circumstances we come from to meet

  • Worship - ensuring we acknowledge and praise God as we gather

  • Word - learning from the Bible to increase our experience of and love of God

  • Witness - encouraging and supporting one another in sharing Jesus' love with others, in word and deed

  • Wellbeing - praying and caring for one another

Ask Revd. Steve Hood ( for more details.