Church links and Partners

Here in Wellesbourne:

St Peter's has very close links with Wellesbourne CofE Primary School

Our four Partner Organisations:

In addition to this we have chosen two organisations which we want to build close links with. We seek to find out what they are doing, how we can support them in prayer, to get involved ourselves and so enrich our lives, and to support them financially. The organisations are:

Eagles Malawi: Eagles Malawi

Grahamstown Amasango School for streetchildren in South Africa (for more info go to ). Kate last visited Amasango School in 2016.

Social Justice in the wider world:

We recognise that our Church community is much greater than what happens here in Wellesbourne and have an active interest in promoting and praying for social justice in the wider world. We regularly include themes around social justice in our worship and explore other ways to raise awareness of issues requiring action or prayer, for example, issues are highlighted on our monthly prayer cards.

Books, Periodicals, Worship Resources to keep us in touch with peace and justice issues:

Wild Goose Publications

Christian Aid

Fair Trade