Baptism Welcome

St Peter’s, Wellesbourne

We welcome your child for baptism

We hope you will really enjoy the service. Please do not worry if the children are noisy – they are being themselves and are very welcome at St Peters.

Familiarising yourself

We hope that through the clergy’s visit and meeting the baptism visitor many of your questions will have been answered. If you have a favourite hymn or song for the service, let them know.

It is a good idea to come to a baptism service (10.15am on the second Sunday of the month) to experience a service. However, if your baby is being baptised at a 12.30pm on the third Sunday of the month, the service it will be different. This will help you feel more relaxed for your day. You will see there is a point in the service when photographs are possible. Please make your friends and family aware of this to avoid distractions in the rest of the service. Also just a gentle reminder to turn off mobile phones – you don’t want it to be yours that goes off at a crucial moment!

Coming to church

There is good car parking by the Church Centre. We suggest you arrive ten minutes before the service starts so that you can greet your guests and take your places. Please encourage guests also to come with ten minutes to spare so that we can begin on time. We do not want the service to go on for too long and ask too much of the children.

Facilities in church

There is a toilet and baby changing facility at the back of the church. Refreshments are served after the 10.15am service and we hope you will join us.

There is also a Toddler’s area in church offering colouring sheets and toys. You may, however, like to bring a quiet toy or book with you. Please feel free to walk around the back of the church if your child is restless. Alternatively you may wish to take advantage of the Children’s Church and crèche that meets in the church centre. We bring your child back into church for the Baptism.

The offering (collection)

An offering is taken at the 10.15am service for the ongoing work and life of St Peters. At 12.30pm an offering plate is placed at the back of church. If you are a tax payer we invite you to place your gift in the yellow gift aid envelope in the pew which enables us to claim tax on your gift from the Government and so increase your gift by 20%.

The communion part of the service

At the 10.15am service we invite you to come to the altar rail as a family either to receive communion, if that is your custom, or to receive a special prayer of blessing. If you would like a blessing just keep your hands by your side. This is a moving experience on this important morning and one which the children especially remember. Afterwards, your child’s baptism will be recorded in the Wellesbourne and Walton News. Please discuss with your Baptism visitor if you would like to sponsor a special entry in the Wellesbourne and Walton News about the Baptism.

We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities that are on offer to help you grow in faith and make new friendships through the many social gatherings. Your baptism visitor will also continue to keep in touch.


If there are ways in which we could have improved your experience of baptism then your comments and suggestions would be valued. Please speak to the Vicar or your baptism visitor