Eagles Malawi

Malawi is in southern African and is one of the 10 poorest countries on earth, with a large proportion of the population dependent on subsistence farming. Despite peaceful government the country is facing many challenges, including changing climate and extreme weather events of flooding and drought. These leave millions of people living below the poverty line and in food insecurity. Eagles is a church-based Malawi organisation that works with communities throughout the country to facilitate sustainable development that improves livelihoods and wellbeing. They are Tearfund’s partner in Malawi and were visited by Richard Bacon in Sept 2019. He met local communities, and saw first-hand life changing projects in action, as well as a number of Eagles staff. Eagles is a shining example of how local churches can be agents of transformation for their communities. Their development philosophy is “a hand up rather than a hand out” - releasing the creative potential within communities to address their problems and own their solutions.

More information can be found at the Eagles website: http://eaglesmalawi.org/index.html

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A report on Eagles work and the latest newsletter: Eagles national impact 2019.pdf

And here is a link about their work (featuring some of the people Richard met last year):