Our Vicar Vacancy – Update October 2017

God has not led anyone to respond to our advert for a new vicar!  While this is disappointing, it is not unusual with many churches having to advertise two or more times before the right person responds.

We will advertise again after Christmas, but would encourage everyone to ask God to send us the right next vicar for Wellesbourne.  You might want to pray, and lead any Wellesbourne group you are part of, in praying something like this.


Almighty and generous Father,

Thank you for your love for us and care for us;

for the way you have provided for us through the years.

We know you want your church in Wellesbourne to grow.

We know you can supply all the resources we need.

Therefore, we ask you to bring a new leader to us.

We ask you to prepare them, even now, for service here.

We ask you to call them to come here.

Please prepare us to welcome them well,

and to respond to the encouragement and challenge they bring.

While we wait for your gift to us,

keep us faithful in prayer and action,

inspired by your Spirit,

and united in your loving service.