New Vicar

We have a new Vicar!

We are pleased to announce, that the Reverend Greg Bartlem is to be the next Vicar of St. Peter’s and St. James, Greg is, at present, Pioneer Minister of Urban Hope, Coventry.  We are also pleased to be able to confirm that the Institution service will take place on Monday 17th September at 7.30pm by Bishop John and Archdeacon Sue.  Please pray for Greg and Catherine as they come to minister amongst us and their children Colin and Ellie as they all prepare to move”.

July Update from the Bartlem's 
Thank you to everyone who have welcomed us as a family to Wellesbourne and Walton, we are thrilled to be moving into the vicarage and joining with our new church families and the local community. 

Colin (11) and Ellie (7) have now been accepted into local schools and have both started to make friends in the village, they are both taking this big move in their stride.

Catherine will be continuing to work at Coffee Tots (cafe / parenting project in Coventry) part-time but intends to be fully involved in village life. 

Greg is on sabbatical, a time of recuperation as he distances himself from his old role at Urban Hope before fully engaging with the new, having said that he has been able to meet up with members of St Peter's and St James's churches and attended community events. 

As we discover more about the ongoing work that already takes place within the churches and the wider communities we are finding that our excitement grows, this is a good place to be and we are thrilled to be journeying with you.

God is good! 

Greg Catherine Colin and Ellie